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web_delivery, powershell, SSL and you

Powershell delivery for metasploit payloads has become extremely popular for its flexibility and AV avoidance. Metasploit recently deprecated psh_web_delivery with web_delivery which offers the ability to deliver Ruby, Python, and Powershell payloads over a webserver.         One of

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Defensive ideas from offensive guys – Derbycon 2013

Derbycon 2013

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smbexec fun

Just another blog post about the basics and tools I find useful.  If you’re a pentester and you’re not using SMBexec you might be wasting some time and missing out on a well written and very helpful tool. smbexec is available here it

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DNS Amplification DoS Basics

Amplification based DoS attacks are not a new concept they were abused heavily in the 90s with ip directed broadcast attacks also known as smurf attacks. DNS amplification attacks rely on the fact UDP DNS requests are small and can be easily

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ISTS – Defense

More info on the ISTS event here Some tips/tricks from a Red team members point of view on improving defense. You need to start this event keeping two important concepts in mind. 1.  You will get hacked. 2.  Your systems

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RPI Toolkit – ISTS X

It’s my second year red teaming the ISTS event at RIT.  ISTS is a event similar to CCDC where teams protect a network from the red team while doing business injects.  The twist with ISTS is teams can play offense against each

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WCE and Mimikatz in memory over meterpreter

While hashes are great and passing the hash is an effective attack method it never hurts to have plain text passwords. Companies tend to reuse passwords on various systems or use the same password style across their network. Currently the two

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I have been running Kippo for a couple of months now… I will skip the configuration and setup since it has been covered extremely well by multiple blogs(I have included links at the bottom). Back in the day(late mid-late 90s

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